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        For my entire life, I have had an ongoing love affair with all aspects of artistic expression.  My love of music, dance, and cooking have all brought me a great deal of satisfaction, but my paintings have given me the most joy.  It has always been quite natural for me to express myself with paper and paint even as a young child.  That love has evolved into what I call "The pure joy of painting."

        I paint purely for the joy of living in the moment, the primal happiness of putting brush to canvas and seeing it come alive with what I feel in my heart.  As I watch each painting progress with each brush stroke all of my senses are heightened.  I feel alive and very connected to my subject matter.  Each flower petal is my creation; each choice of color helps me convey the emotion that I feel in my heart.

        I paint with the same intensity that I sing, dance and cook.  If you were to hear me sing, watch me dance or taste my cooking, I think that you could feel the love that I put into these things.  It is that same love that I hope you can feel when you look at my paintings.                                             Victoria Bilyeu


Party Planners (acrylic and mixed media on canvas)

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                                                                                    Other original and reproduced art is in stock by artists including the following:
                                                                                            Phil Ponder, John Klug, Bernard Wiley, A. Kathryn Broadbent.


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